Why I'm Committed to Sustainability and the Environment

Happy Earth Month, y'all!

I'm excited about what I've got planned here on the blog during Earth Month, but I wanted to kick off by taking a step back to WHY protecting the environment is so important to me - and why I hope it would be important to everyone.

We won't see the real effects of conservation right now, or maybe even in our own lifetimes. But it has such a tremendous impact on future generations - who don't get to have a say today.

I remember one afternoon, many years ago (not long after I first started this blog), when I was talking to an older coworker outside of our office, and I mentioned how someone's idling truck was so wasteful. She said something to the effect of, "What does it really matter?"

I answered that it mattered because it would affect her children's and grandchildren's environments.

What we do in our day-to-day lives helps determine what the world of our future generations will be like. How we use our available resources today determines how many will be available for people to use 25, 50 and even 150 years from now.

Why do I work so hard toward a more sustainable lifestyle? Because our children and their children, and their children, depend on us.

And today, I'm determined and very excited to focus even more on that sustainable lifestyle for my family, because it will be growing this September! We are so thrilled to be welcoming Baby Eco Cajun, and we are already looking forward to all of our new adventures as a family of three.

I can't wait for Baby to experience the same kind of beauty that I grew up with. I dearly want him or her to have the chance to grow up healthy, in a beautiful clean community, with clean air, fresh water and natural green spaces to enjoy.

All of our babies deserve a chance to grow up in a beautiful world, not a Wall-E type one.


This is why it matters to me that air quality is respected; that natural resources are sourced and used responsibly (not greedily); that alternative sources of energy are a viable option; that bodies of water do not become more full of trash than they are fish; that people simply care about the environment.

It's not only "our" planet. It's for everyone who will ever live here - not just my baby, but everyone's children and descendants.


I've always loved this quote for its perspective, but it's even more important to me now.

And you all know I cannot wait to raise our child with zero-waste values and a love for nature and a good bike ride!

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