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What better time than Earth Month to share about other awesome environmentalists who are making a difference in their own way?

To kick off this series, I'm introducing Anna from Sustainable Anna. Four years ago, she embarked on a personal challenge to buy products made in the United States and with sustainability in mind. I've gotten to know her through social media, and I love that she's based near Houston, Texas - another green blogger here in the South!

"My interest in sustainable living was something that grew from my commitment to shopping local. The main reason why I began my Not Made in China challenge in 2014 was the environment was that I wanted to consume less, cut back on shipping pollution and no longer support businesses with nonexistent environmental policies. Quite naturally, from there, I started questioning other areas of my life which gradually turned me into a green living champion all around!" Anna says. 

Anna and her husband have an adorable 14-month-old son, and I've loved her blog posts on how they make sustainability and minimalism work with a child. I've definitely pinned a few posts for reference!

We had a great discussion about maintaining sustainability goals while preparing for and raising a baby, and I think Anna echoes similar sentiments to my own about how 'zero-waste' can be a very black-and-white term, but that life doesn't always stick to that - and that's okay!

She says, "Despite what people might think when they read my blog, I am very laid back when it comes to having any sustainability goals or "rules" to live by. I do what I can and I always reach for the lowest hanging fruits. The only strict rule I have is the Not Made in China thing, because that is the core of my blog. I haven't felt like I've failed at anything in particular, I've done my best, although it was very frustrating to get unwanted made-in-China gifts when baby was a newborn!"

I asked her, "What's been the hardest part about aiming to be waste-free while raising a baby?"
"I always knew, long before getting pregnant, that 90% of the baby items in the stores were unnecessary and I knew I did not want to bring lots of crappy, plastic things into our home (think "baby swing that plays music") so it's been easy to not over-indulge in cute things," she answered. "Getting secondhand clothes and toys and cloth diapering have been so much easier than people told me. That said, I am not waste-free at all!"
After having my baby, it's become so much more important to make our daily life work than to attempt zero waste. Organic food always wins over plastic-free food. Plant-based food always wins over package-free food. I'll admit I actually buy those little squeeze pouches now (which I never thought I would!) because they're handy, Tot loves them and, frankly, I'd rather watch Netflix and eat quinoa chips when he's been put to bed than run around the kitchen making homemade purees for him! I work full-time and I want to enjoy my life, my husband and my little guy when I am home - that's my number one priority. I never feel bad about making that choice.

So well-said!

Anna says the most important aspect of environmentalism to her, right now, is educating people about the benefits (for humans and planet) of plant-based foods, something she is learning as she goes. She is also passionate about fighting for environmental conservation progress progress amidst governmental policy changes.

I always enjoy getting to know other bloggers, especially sustainability-focused ones, and learning their behind-the-scenes perspectives. Anna says her favorite part of blogging is the interaction with others, especially if she is able to start a conversation about environmental issues or consumerism with someone who is not "already eco-friendly".

"I love the relationships with other eco bloggers that developed thanks to networks and blogging, but there's something special about seeing and hearing stories from regular people who have been inspired to change habits by something I wrote or did."

I also asked Anna what her favorite sustainability-related quote is, so let's close this post with her choice!

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