Photo Friday | Ways to Make Your Home Environmentally Friendly

One of my life goals is to live in a truly sustainable, eco-friendly, energy-efficient home. While that goal might be many years away from happening, there are still budget-friendly steps I can take to make our current home a little more sustainable.

When I heard that furniture and home decor company Arhaus was looking for a few ideas on greening homes, I thought about some of the things we've done at home and some of the things I've shared on the blog before. Arhaus has a partnership with American Forests that enables them to plant a tree for every purchase made during their storewide sale. And a commitment to planting trees is especially timely with International Day of Forests coming up on March 21! I appreciate when companies pledge to give back year-round.

In addition to these tips, some other ways to go greener at home are to:
  • Furnish your home with a combination of sustainable items (like some of these tables from Arhaus) and secondhand, thrifted or family heirloom items.
  • Switch out your current light bulbs with energy-saving LED bulbs.
  • Donate or sell the things you no longer need or want, instead of just throwing them away.
  • Repurpose stained or torn t-shirts as cleaning rags.
  • Place a recycling bin next to your trash can inside your house, to make it as simple as possible to recycle.

What are some ways you've made your home more eco-friendly?

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