Photo Friday | Spring-ish

The first full week of March is coming to a close, and I, for one, am very ready for the weekend! The past two weeks have been a small rollercoaster, including in the weather. For all my Northeast friends, I hope y'all are staying warm and safe!

Springtime has been in full force down in Louisiana, even with the temp swings. While I love the blooming flowers everywhere, I don't love the accompanying yard work and mulch projects (y'all).

I am looking forward to the time changing this weekend so I can start going for bike rides around the neighborhood after work!

Yesterday was International Women's Day, and I loved seeing all of the empowerment and camaraderie on social media. There's so much to say, and I kept it simple as I shared on Instagram, "Here’s to resilience, persistence, confidence, and climbing the damn mountains."

Let's keep lifting others up and working together every day! A little support goes a long way.

To all of my blogger friends, activists I admire, family, friends, professional colleagues, and coworkers, I wish you all courage to pursue your dreams and confidence in your day-to-day lives.

Two years ago, I shared a roundup of a few of my favorite environmental women, so check that post out here!

My newest Times of Acadiana column was published yesterday on a subject that's become one of my little soapboxes - the problem of balloon releases and balloon pollution. In my column, I share a few alternatives to balloon releases, one of which is to plant flowers or a tree in honor of a legacy. Head on over to Times of Acadiana's website, or pick up a paper locally to read the rest of the column!

I hope you all have a great weekend!

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