Photo Friday | Thawing Out

This week has definitely thrown me a little off-kilter, with a day and a half out of my office and cooped up in my house. This ice storm definitely comes in second place to December's snow day, because that didn't quite wreak as much havoc.

While it might have looked like a winter wonderland outside, it was anything but once our hot water pipe froze and then burst. I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to a warm bath this evening now that our pipe has been replaced.

One of the more random events of the ice week/cabin fever was getting outside Wednesday afternoon to check out the ice situation and spotting this little pup walking down the street alone. We took him in, I cuddled him a lot, and we checked around with neighbors to see if anyone knew who he was for.

After a trip to the vet to learn he's not chipped, we managed to catch his owners driving down the street looking for a lost dog. The reunion was incredibly sweet, and we got to meet two more of our neighbors. Here's your Wednesday afternoon with a side of all the feels.

With the temperatures getting back up to what we're more used to this weekend, I'm ready to give our heater a break and get some fresh air! We've got a few house projects to get back to, and I've got a girls night planned with my high school friends. After wearing my same few sweaters and thick socks all week, it'll feel great to put on something different.

What do your weekend plans consist of?

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