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Last Friday on my social media, I celebrated my cat Milo's five-year adoption anniversary. It's mind-boggling to think that I adopted my first pet five years ago already.

After Dax's health scare two years ago, Milo went to stay at my parents' house, which eventually turned into his new permanent home. (Dax and Milo very much like this arrangement, as do my parents!)

I still love to take a trip down memory lane, looking at pictures of Milo when he was just a kitten. Some of my favorites will always be the ones from when we took Milo on his first bike ride. Coincidentally, Facebook's On This Day feature reminded me that this bike ride was five years ago today!

I remember actually buying that bike basket just for him to ride in. And I remember repurposing a crate lying around my apartment for a rear basket - that thing came in very handy!

We made sure he was safely harnessed in, and I was equipped with snacks, food and a towel. Considering we were probably riding for 20 minutes total, we didn't have any accidents to worry about.

He loved this ride, and we took him on a few more before he got just a little too big and feisty for the basket.

I adopted Milo from Animal Aid for Vermilion Area, and as a very convenient tie-in to my column for Times of Acadiana this week, he is microchipped. Ensuring your pets are microchipped from the get-go is extremely important, especially if you have adventurers like Milo is. AAVA had him chipped pre-adoption, which I'm grateful for.

The column is about that dog my husband and I found last week, which I also featured in last week's Photo Friday - and y'all, we seriously had the same scenario this week. My husband found a dog in our yard that had a collar but no ID tag, and she was not chipped.

Lesson of today's post?
  • Adopt, don't shop. 
  • Get your pets chipped. 
  • Take your adorable baby kittens on a bike ride.

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