Photo Friday | Merry Christmas!

Twas the Friday before Christmas, and all through the house, Caitlin and Phillip were making their lists and checking them twice, while watching the 43rd viewing of Elf on Freeform.

Wait...that's not how the tale goes...

I am happy to report we are 95% done with our gifts - just a few more to pick up and wrap, but our little tree is looking very festive now. For as much as I tend to procrastinate on wrapping gifts now, I always love the look of a tree with an array of presents underneath, and always get a little emotional after the gifts are unwrapped and it's empty again. Maybe next year we'll be better at shopping and wrapping earlier in the season.

All of our gifts are wrapped with an eco-friendly touch, whether it's decorative kraft paper wrap, Wrappily recyclable paper (which I completely forgot is reversible!), reused gift bags and tissue paper, reused ribbons, or even a bed sheet from our donation pile.

One thing I AM proud about is getting our Christmas cards printed and mailed out earlier this month. I took advantage of a great Paper Culture sale, so I saved money while still getting to use recycled paper, and having a tree planted for my order. I couldn't decide between two different card designs (one foil and one non-foil), so I split up the quantity and got them both!

As a small Christmas gift to you, I'm also sharing this Christmas playlist I created this week. In my Tuesday evening yoga class, I joked with my teacher that she should play Christmas music for our Thursday yoga class, as it was the last one before the holiday. She said if I created a playlist, then she would play it in class.

So, I present to you my Christmas OMMMM mix that we flowed to last night! (I can now say I have done yoga to a Hanson song in a studio!) It follows more of a vinyasa class style - faster, upbeat songs followed by slower, mellower songs.

This weekend is sure to be hectic, nonstop and a little stressful, so take a few minutes to do a few stretches, meditate, or even an at-home yoga flow. Hit up this mix and take a few deep breaths before going back for more egg nog.

I'll be back on Tuesday sharing some eco-friendly post-Christmas tips. I hope you all have a very merry Christmas!

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