Photo Friday | Gift Guide for Pets

After I finished my third and final gift guide for children earlier this week, I realized that there was one gift I guide I should add: for all the furry friends in our lives.

Don't tell me your pet doesn't have a stocking and get presents each Christmas. 😊

When it comes to getting your pet a gift they'll love for at least a week, it's simple: give them the box all your online orders arrived in!

It's cost effective, and pretty eco-friendly, because the boxes get repurposed.

Dax was quite the fan of this Amazon box for a solid week and a half, and the best part is that, now that he ignores it, it's completely recyclable!

Milo is also a big fan of lounging in boxes, and he loves to eat the corners, so they make a great chew toy (just get ready for vacuuming later.)

Happy holiday shopping, and if you're in Louisiana this morning - enjoy the snow day!! I can't wait to share a few pictures over on my Instagram; it's a big deal, y'all!

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