My Favorite Bicycle Accessories

So, technically you only need a bicycle to go for a ride, but equipping yourself with the right accessories can make your trip more safe, more efficient, and more fun.

Continuing in my National Bike Month Series, I'll share a few of my favorite accessories I've used over the past few years. Comment on the post and tell me what your favorite bicycle accessory is!

The Necessities - Lights!

Nothing frustrates me more than seeing people riding in the dark with no lights. Although lights really aren't accessories, since every single bicyclist should have them, the kinds available vary widely. Basic lights are not expensive (enough so that I wish I could buy a box full and give them to riders I see who need them).

But I've got two lights that have become my favorites in my husband's and my collection. This Schwinn headlight is a 300 lumen removable flashlight, and it has high beam, low beam, and flashing modes. It is the brightest headlight I've ever had, and I absolutely love it. Phillip and I each have one, and when we ride home at night, we're lighting up street signs four blocks away. It's also USB rechargeable, saving me from realizing we never have the right size batteries in stock at home.

I got this Portland Design Works tail light for Phillip a few years ago and was jealous of how well it worked, so I ended up getting one for myself. It's got three blinking modes, one of which is a random pattern, so it grabs more attention, which is extremely important.

I've also been known to use string lights on my basket and fairy lights wrapped around my bike frame for an extra festive touch! Battery-operated LED lights can come in handy.


Helmets are another very important accessory, even if they sometimes make you feel dorky. This blue one is from Schwinn and is designed for ladies, because it has a cutaway in the back that allows you to wear your hair up while riding.

You might feel dorky wearing a helmet, but it's better to be safe!

Phillip's helmet, although I don't have a photo of it, has a built in flashing light, which I absolutely love. And his comes with the gear sizing adjustment, which is great to get that perfect fit. (I'm probably going to steal his helmet sometimes.)


I love having a basket on my bike - part of not being able to travel light! The basket especially comes in handy for Mardi Gras when hauling beads back home, but the downside to the basket is that it makes steering more difficult when it's full.

My new bikes are basket-free, which I've been enjoying because it's an easier ride, and I'll wear a backpack if I have gear to carry. 

But sometimes, I would still wish I had SOMETHING to hold at least my phone, so enter my newest favorite accessory:

Bike Pouches

This handy bike pouch from Schwinn holds both my phone and my keys or anything else small I might need. I especially love this now that I go on more rides around the neighborhood, when I would like to ride free, but still have my necessities on me. 

PS, this pouch fits an iPhone 7+. The one thing I need to work around is that the haptic home button doesn't respond when you push through the plastic. (Technology...)

But it's perfect for keeping my phone in easy reach in case I would need it during a ride.


Bells and Horns

Bike bells are just a classic accessory and are fun to have. I love the sunshine yellow of my bell, and it makes a pleasant sound.


And although I don't have one of these for myself, the Loud Bicycle horn is still one of my favorite gifts I ever got for Phillip. I wrote a blog post about it two years back, and he still uses it on his cruiser and it still works when it needs to. It adds a very necessary element of safety to our bike rides, and it's a fun toy for my husband, who loves to abuse the honking privileges.

With these accessories, we're definitely equipped for enjoyable and safe rides!

And although this is not technically an accessory for my bicycle, I just kind of have to include these bicycle bottle openers that were our wedding favors. (I need a matching bicycle wine cork to satisfy my wino self...)

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