Photo Friday | Waste-Free

As the Project Front Yard Festival of Service comes to a close tomorrow, and I keep thinking about waste-free lunches, I keep thinking about the 'why'. Why focus on waste-free?

Our parking lots, green spaces, front yards, and waterways don't need to look like this!

I'm all about realistic journeys, although I may push myself a little more than most people might when it comes to recycling and conservation. If you're a fan of convenience, you can still enjoy what you like without littering or being extra wasteful.

Pick up fast food, but refuse plastic utensils, straws and paper napkins. Skip the drink if you're so inclined, and bring your own reusable bottle. When you're finished with lunch, throw everything away in a trashcan instead of dumping it in the parking lot next to your vehicle.

Or minimize your single-use packaging by packing your own lunch in reusable containers a few days a week, to balance out the drive-thru trips.

Once you get into the habit of reducing your waste, and being more mindful about the waste you are putting out, it will become second-nature!

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