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With tomorrow being Earth Day, I'm actually having a bit more trouble deciding on what to feature for today's Photo Friday. There are so many aspects of environmentalism and so many niches that I could easily share 30 photos to encompass the Earth Day spirit!

From litter cleanups to litter reduction and education, to zero-waste living, to sustainable and ethical style, to secondhand shopping, to energy efficiency and alternative power, to minimalism, to going off-grid, to nature preservation, to recycling, to repurposing, to upcycling...there are so many areas you can choose to focus on.

And as I always try to reiterate here on the blog, start with one and make some habit changes. Take small steps and get bigger as you go. I didn't get where I am today in a short amount of time. I'm still learning new habits and making changes at home.

But all of the greener habits make a difference. They matter. We're the Hustle Gang (HT to that littered clothing tag above for my new phrase!)

These two photos are from last Saturday's Earth Day Preamble, which you may have seen on my Instagram (and soon will see on Facebook!). Volunteers kicked off the event with a litter cleanup in Downtown Lafayette, which was expected to be fruitful the morning after a night out at bars.

My friends Simon, Skyra and I tackled a nearby parking lot that had a lot of litter strewn about, and we came across the above shrub. While it may look nice from this distance, it was actually chock full of liquor bottles, beer bottles, a plastic bag filled with unidentified objects, chip bags, Styrofoam cups and go cups. We sure had a hell of a time fishing items out from between the twisted branches, but we were determined! The three of us probably filled up almost two bags just from this one spot.

Earth Day is about celebrating Earth as the resource it is. Everything we have comes from this Earth, and everything on this Earth is not just for us, but for the generations that came before us and will come after us too. Let's respect and protect this one planet that we have! We don't get any do-overs.

How do you plan to celebrate Earth Day this weekend? I'm very much looking forward to a few local events - check out Eco Cajun on Facebook for a roundup everything happening around Louisiana. I'm especially looking forward to Bayou Vermilion District's Earth Day Festival on Sunday, where I can combine my treehugger and yogi sides with my friend Erin's first yoga class since becoming teacher certified in India!

And come back next week for my annual Guide to a Green Festival. Don't forget to visit yesterday's post on Sustainable Festival Style for your chance to win a bottle of Native Polish.

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