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In the spirit of the new year, I wrote a column this week for the local newspaper Times of Acadiana on how to recycle and donate when decluttering your home. (Read the column here!)

Next week here on the blog, I'll expand on the column and have a more comprehensive list of where you can donate just about any item in your home.

And for today's Photo Friday, we're tackling one of the most annoying items: the mountain of plastic bags that never seems to go away!

Many grocery and department stores have bins near the front door that are dedicated to collecting plastic bags for recycling. Simply bring your bags to the store, and drop them inside the bin before doing your shopping.

Offhand, in Lafayette, I know that Rouses, Albertson's and Target have bag recycling bins near their front entrances. In Abbeville, head to Robie's to drop off your bags.

My nearby grocery store participates in the Bag-2-Bag closed loop recycling program. The bags are processed and made into new plastic bags.
Graphic: Novolex

While I always stress the importance of reusing plastic bags if you have them in the first place, these recycling programs are the best way to do something responsible with ripped plastic bags.

Right around the beginning of the year, I sorted the plastic bags in our house and kept the intact bags for cat litter scooping and bathroom trashcan liners. Any torn or holey plastic bags went in my car to be dropped off at the grocery store, shown above.

So, with 30 minutes of effort (not counting the time it took me to drive to the store), I was able to declutter a bunch of torn plastic bags and send them off to be recycled!

Does your favorite store accept plastic bags for recycling? Let me know in the comments, and I'll be compiling a list and map of stores in Acadiana where you can recycle your plastic bags easily! (And where you can receive discounts for using cloth bags!)

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