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What. A. Week! Who else is super relieved it's Friday evening?

Yesterday, I posted our Hawaii trip recap, but I had to save the highlight for its own post. When we visited Hawaii two years ago, I looked up zipline adventures with hopes that we would be able to do one. Although we had the most active and fun week, we weren't able to fit ziplining in. When we started making the plans for this trip with the family, I mentioned my bucket list goal of ziplining, and we ended up booking an adventure with everyone.

After three hours at CLIMB Works - Keana Farms, a lot of sun, two homegrown tomatoes, an apple banana, and a lot of laughs, we all left talking about how amazing the afternoon was, and we all already want to go back. It was one of the most fun experiences I've had, and I'm even more ready to visit Costa Rica and zipline through the jungle there.

The seven zip lines on the CLIMB Works course start up on a mountain and work their way down, giving you views of mountains, windmills, a large farm, palm trees, banana trees, and the North Shore. What I especially loved is that each line had a different view. Every one was a different distance, with the longest one coming in at almost half a mile long. We were definitely instructed for that one to ride normal and enjoy the view! Some were higher up than others, truly giving us the sense of flying over the tree tops.

Keana Farms, below the ziplines, grows papaya, apple bananas, taro, eggplant, cherry tomatoes, and more. With the exception of basil, all of the fruit is sold only to Hawaii vendors, keeping it local.

Adding to the adventure, we rappelled down two different platforms, and rope-climbed up to another platform. The scariest part of the entire day was going for the first rappel, because I can never bring myself to step where there is nothing beneath me, ha. However, the system that CLIMB Works has can put you at ease, because it'll catch you and lower you down.

The rope climb certainly put my yoga practice to use, and I refused to let the guides pull me up, because #girlpower (even if it took me about 45 minutes to get to the top, ha!)

Safety is definitely a priority, and we were all always latched to something while on the platform. The company has also patented a braking system, so there's no worry about coming in too hot, ha! And none of us got stuck in the middle of the zipline, so that was an accomplishment.

At each platform, there would be an infographic sign talking about different elements of the surrounding land. I loved learning a little more about the nearby Kahuku Wind Farm, which produces about 2% of Oahu's energy needs.

Oh, and none of us lost our sunglasses, cell phones, helmets or lunch! :D (If you do zipline, only bring your phone if you have zippered pockets, like my husband thankfully did - which is the only reason we had my phone for photos in the first place!)

And, for about the third video I've ever edited in my life, here's some of the footage from our GoPro of our amazing afternoon at CLIMB Works! (Happy New Year, y'all, and don't expect videos every Friday in 2017!)

If you're planning a trip to Oahu, set aside a day to head to the North Shore, and book a trip at CLIMB Works! It is SO worth it. (And this ain't even sponsored!)

In the meantime, follow CLIMB Works on Instagram to make yourself just a little jealous.

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