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A couple weeks ago, my friend Gretchen shared this illustration via The Story of Stuff Project, and I love it so much, I plan to print it out for my office's inspiration wall.

I'm certainly ambitious, but I plan to plant a lot of flowers in 2017 - to make it a great year, to do good for the environment, to inspire more people to live consciously.

You've got the power to make 2017 as full of flowers as you want. There will always be bad days and dark times, but it's all in how you respond (this is where I hear my yoga teacher cheering, because she says something to this effect pretty often). Instead of being pessimistic, it's much more productive to do something. I know what my strengths are, and I want to use them to help my community and my state, and in turn, the environment.

Illustration: The Story of Stuff Project

My friend Katherine recently shared this post with a similar message on Facebook, and it goes along with what I like to say about making the transition into a greener life. Start with small actions or changes of habit (like a reusable water bottle). It might seem insignificant to you at first, but as you start to make more small changes (like cloth shopping bags, a rain barrel, and getting a bicycle), those actions are compounded by the actions of others, and you start to see the larger impact.
Photo: (RED)

What flowers will you plant this year?

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