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My love for yoga started slowly over the course of a few years in my wellness journey. A year and a half ago, I wrote about discovering the class that got me to 'get' yoga, and brought me to my mat more regularly.

But, proving that journeys can really take you to unexpected places, I wound up discovering my yoga niche this time last November. I had moved beyond those basic yoga classes and was comfortable in my intermediate classes, and I don't remember how it happened, but I decided to try the power yoga class on my gym's schedule. What I remember most from that first class was wondering, "What the hell did I get myself into?" I believe I wore long sleeves, since I usually leave class freezing. And that was when I learned that power yoga is heated. And fast-paced. And I was totally sore the next day.

But I quickly started attending the class regularly, and grew to be obsessed with Baptiste-style vinyasa power yoga and the teacher's style. After one year, I've only missed a handful of Ashley's classes, and I always look forward to my hour on my mat.

At this time last year, my goal was to tone up my arms before my wedding. I did that, and more. In addition to feeling more toned and lean, I haven't been sick in over a year, I have more energy, I don't have trouble falling asleep, and I feel like I'm changing my outlook and way I react to what comes my way. It was absolutely a benefit during wedding planning!

I love that my practice has pushed me. In this year, I've achieved headstands and crow pose, and I'm working on balancing handstands. The feeling of working for a pose, and the journey of achieving it, is so fulfilling to me. And I love that even once I achieve it, I can then reach for the next level. Got a headstand? Great! Go for eagle headstand. There's always a next level.

One phrase that I always repeat to myself, and visualize on my mat, is Root to Rise. You'll hear it often in any yoga class, and it means setting an intention and foundation for your pose, both physically and mentally. Whatever is touching the ground (your hands, feet, forearms) becomes your roots and your foundation to let yourself rise.

Beyond my mat, the phrase has also become a reminder for my commitment to sustainability and the environment, and the actions I take to respect them. Roots keep you planted and balanced while you reach for the sky.

So when vegan, cruelty-free and handcrafted accessories brand Mieroglyphs offered me an opportunity to choose a bracelet and interior inscription, it didn't take long for me to decide on a quote.

Mieroglyphs' accessories line features bracelets, key chains and pet collars. All of their products are made with vegan cork leather (derived from a natural bark shedding process in oak tree forests) and either organic cotton or recycled PET fabric.

The clasp is a super sturdy magnet featuring Mieroglyphs' logo. A bonus - the magnet will also help you keep track of bobby pins or other small metal items. Be careful not to pinch yourself when closing the magnet. (I say these things because I've done them!)

Every item comes with an inscription on the inside, and if you don't have an idea for a custom quote, Mieroglyphs has selected some of their favorites for you to choose from.

"Root to Rise" was the most simple and appropriate way to go. Combining my love of yoga with an eco-friendly bracelet? Sign me up! However, I shan't be wearing the bracelet to a hot yoga class, since I actually want to keep it looking nice!

Mieroglyphs focuses on providing fair wage jobs, ethical production, and intentional inspiration. Every item is hand-crafted and customized to each buyer's request, not mass-produced in a factory.

The other thing I absolutely love about my Mieroglyphs bracelet is that it fits me. It sounds silly, I know, but I've got super small wrists and 95% of bracelets slide down to my elbow all day long. The other 5% are made for toddlers. But Mieroglyphs offers all of their bracelets in five sizes - XS to XL - and they give a size chart.

With a quick measuring of my wrist, I knew which size to order, and my bracelet truly feels like it was made for me. The fabric has all the colors I love, the materials are sustainable, it's got my yoga mantra, and it's sized for me. Yep, this is my new favorite bracelet!

Starting to think about gift ideas for the holidays? Head over to the Mieroglyphs website and look around, and use discount code 10CAITLIN to receive 10% off your order!

It's such a great feeling when you find your niche, and you find that confidence. My mat is my happy place, and I've found so much strength and balance (and sweat) over the past year of power yoga. Root to rise, indeed.

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