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July 25, 2018 update:  As of March 2018, Eco Flower is no longer in business. This post will remain published as an archive of my own wedding experience, but information is no longer current.

One of the most noticeable eco-friendly elements at our wedding were the flowers. After a lot of researching, I opted for recycled wood flowers instead of traditional fresh ones for the majority of our decorations.

I worked with Eco Flower, a startup out of Utah, for all of the bouquets and loose centerpiece flowers. One of my favorite things is knowing I'm supporting a small, independent business, especially one that uses recycled materials in a unique way. The company started just about two years ago, and has grown tremendously.

And I feature them today for one big reason:

The company's founder, Meagan, is going to be on Shark Tank tonight at 9/8 central! I'll definitely be watching to see what happens.

Over a few months, I ordered assortments of loose flowers to use in my repurposed wine vase centerpieces, and to make small bouquets for our moms to carry. (This was probably my first and last attempt at being a florist!) Extra loose flowers were used on my wedding cake. My wedding bouquet was custom made by Eco Flower's wedding department, and my bridesmaid bouquets were a predesigned style. In addition, I ordered boutonnieres for the wedding party, and corsages for the grandmothers.

Why do I love these flowers so much? Obviously, because they use recycled materials, and because they last forever. As we were on a budget, these were much more cost effective than using all fresh flowers. I love that I will be able to keep my bouquet for years - I'm currently keeping it at my office so I can have it near me all week long!

The other thing I love is the ability to have the flowers scented. When you order flowers, trust me and go with the black raspberry vanilla scent. It is divine! And the scent lasts a very long time. My loose  assortment arrived in July, and the flowers still had a nice smell come wedding day in late October.

Now that the wedding has passed, we won't be keeping all of the loose flowers around the house, but we will keep the eco-cycle going. We're saving a few of them to share with our late loved ones, and I absolutely love the idea of being able to share these flowers in such a deep and personal way.

The rest we will be selling for any interested future brides, so they'll be double-recycled.

Photo by Laura Reaux

Working with startups can pose challenges sometimes, and there were moments of frustration, but overall, I don't regret using Eco Flower, or flowers made of wood, one bit for the wedding. These flowers gave such a unique, eco-friendly touch to the wedding, and they're something I'll fondly look back on.

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