America Recycles Day 2016

Every year on November 15, Keep America Beautiful celebrates America Recycles Day. Thousands of local events are planned across the country for tomorrow (and throughout the month), but even if you only take a few minutes out of your day, you too can celebrate.

  • Take the pledge to recycle a particular product, maybe one you don't recycle now. 

  • Recycle as much as you possibly can! Especially on November 15, make it the highest priority. If you collect your recycling inside, make sure to bring everything to your outside bin or community dumpster for pickup.
  • Grab some bags and get outside. Use your lunch break to go on a litter hunt and pick up and recycle as much as you can, or take a walk after work to clean up the neighborhood.
  • Take your children around the neighborhood to clean up litter, and teach them about the importance of recycling in the process!
  • Offer to recycle for others - whether your office or neighbors. Offer to take any of their recyclable waste and put it out for pickup. At work, go around to everyone's desks and offer to collect any recyclable waste, or leave a special bin for them that you can pick up later.
  • Visit the America Recycles Day website and look for a recycling event in your area. There are 2,148 registered events across the country! In Louisiana, you can find events or education initiatives in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Napoleonville, and Ruston.
  • Visit the organization's Facebook and Twitter.
  • Share the message with everyone! Let your friends and family know about America Recycles Day and encourage them to participate too.

Now, let's kick off America Recycles Day with this video on the potential of recycled items!

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