Photo Friday | National Park Service Turns 100

Yesterday, the National Park Service celebrated its 100th birthday. For the month of August, NPS is holding celebrations in each of its parks.

Visiting a national park gives you the chance to appreciate some of the country's best natural outdoor spaces and take in the best scenic views.

On August 25, the National Park Service celebrated its 100th birthday.

Many national parks have dedicated zero-waste initiatives, in an effort to keep the spaces as untouched as possible. And there are different kinds of parks - from monuments, to preserves, historic sites, trails, memorials and seashores, so you can take in lots of different environments.

I don't make trips to national parks very often, but during last year's trip to San Francisco, we made it a point to visit the Muir Woods National Monument. A Sunday morning among the tallest trees you've ever seen, with a cool breeze, is a pretty perfect Sunday morning.

Read more about my trip to San Francisco (my eco-mecca!) in this blog post.

Find a national park near you, or plan a vacation getaway!

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