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Earlier this week, Keep Lafayette Beautiful conducted a litter index survey throughout the city and unincorporated areas of the parish. The survey is a stark reminder of which areas have perpetual litter, like the spot pictured below.

In more remote areas of the parish, wooded areas become illegal dumping grounds. This spot in North Lafayette is so picturesque, and has the Vermilion River in the immediate background. But even so, the area is littered with beer bottles, fast food packaging, panes of glass, shelving and even a recliner.

Scenes like this are unfortunately not unique to Lafayette, but it's unacceptable that people still actively pollute remote areas. There's no way that recliner fell out of a truck and landed 20 feet off the road on an embankment. Even if furniture isn't picked up by the curbside garbage crews, there are responsible ways of disposing of it. Bulky waste removal can be scheduled; or the item could be donated to a nonprofit, or even sold at a garage sale.

If you can drive your litter somewhere to dump it, you can take the time to dispose of it properly.

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