Photo Friday | Louisiana Strong

I've seen this graphic circulating around Facebook this week, and although I don't know who created it, I thought it was only fitting to share for this week's Photo Friday post.

The past seven days have been hellish, but we are moving forward as much as we can. Our residents are coming together to help each other out in innumerable ways, businesses are doing what they can to offer goods and services as relief, and donations are pouring in.

I don't wish this experience on any community, but I am proud to see how so many people have stepped up to help others.

I've had this Lafayette Strong prayer card hanging at my desk since last July, and one morning this week, the words caught my attention again. These cards were created after a very different tragedy in Lafayette, but nonetheless, the passage is more than applicable to this week.

Next week I'll transition back into some regularly scheduled content (and choosing the winner of the candle giveaway), but will keep updating my social media pages with recovery and donation info.

Stay strong, everyone!

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