Reusable IS Instagrammable!

It's no surprise that I enjoy flipping through my Instagram feed, admiring the shots other bloggers and awesome people share with their followers. I'm always a fan of picturesque photos, styled vignettes and behind-the-scenes peeks.

But lately, something has started to stick out more while I'm scrolling: so many single-use cups in otherwise gorgeous photos, whether Instagram or Snapchat or Facebook or wherever. I don't intend to be negative or call anyone out, but I can't "like" it, and it's made me want to shout even louder:

Let's focus on reusable!

Instead of showing off a cappuccino or fruity drink in a foam cup or a matcha latte in a plastic cup with a lid and straw, I would love to see more reusable cups or mugs. Be healthy, stylish and caffeinated while also caring for the environment. To me, that's the real beauty!

Show off reusable products instead of single-use in social media photos!

It's a relatively small and easy change to make: Simply stock up on a few reusable bottles or mugs that show off your personality. 

The harder part is getting in the habit of bringing it everywhere with you. But within a few weeks, you'll be used to it! Keep one for coffee or tea and one for water, to start with.

Most service employees will oblige your request to use your own container. Starbucks, CC's Coffeehouse, Johnston Street Java, The Lab, Reve Coffee Roasters, and many other local spots (no matter where is 'local' to you) accept your own mug. (However, I tend not to use the drive-thru when I do stop and have my own mug, so I'm not sure what their standard procedures are in that case.)

When I started going through my older Instagram photos to find ones to feature in this post, I managed to find almost 20, most from the past few months. It's even more apparent now that my bottles are a reliable accessory. And they don't take away from the scenery or the taste of whatever drink they're holding in the photo.

Over the years and to my memory, my (many) bottles have held: water, infused water, hot coffee, iced coffee, hot tea, iced tea, margarita, beer, wine, sports drinks, lemonade, soft drinks and hot chocolate.

How have they integrated into my Instagrams?

I take them on vacation! I saved a ton of plastic by bringing my Klean Kanteen to Hawaii. It saw just as much of Oahu as I did! Willa Jean in New Orleans poured my iced coffee in my Kanteen twice in two days. And you always need to hydrate when you're out in the sun.

OOTD? Yeah, your reusable bottle or mug can be part of it! By picking out bottles that match your style, you're more likely to use it and show it off. At the end of this post, I have a short list of different brands you can shop from.

For Lafayette's weekly mini-festival Downtown Alive, you previously could not actually bring your own bottle for beer, but they introduced a branded reusable cup that was the approved size for beer they serve. I've used my cup for three DTA seasons now, helping to eliminate the amount of litter in downtown Lafayette.

Bring your own to work meetings or functions. Former Mayor-President Joey Durel and I had our coffee mugs present and skipped the available disposable options for a 705 morning coffee function late last year. Setting an example!

One of the most important places to make the switch to reusable is at work. Don't go for the stacks of styrofoam cups! Almost two years into my job, I've probably gotten fewer than 10 styrofoam coffee cups, and I don't remember how long ago I got the last one. By keeping a few regular mugs at my desk, I can pour some of the office coffee without being wasteful. And lately, my fiance and I have been making our coffee at home, so my Kanteens have been on heavy commute and desk rotation. (Behind the scenes note, there are usually three more cups all over my desk on any given day!)

Coffee at home might seem logical in a ceramic mug, but I still can't get over the fact that to-go cups are sold for home use, and that people do use them while staying at home to drink coffee. (Paper plates at home are another rant.)

Using my water bottle while at a restaurant helped me save a disposable cup and drink extra water for my health.

Ah, the gym. The second biggest place to eliminate single use. My gym supplies stacks upon stacks of styrofoam cups, along with straws and lids for patrons, and I avoid those and the plastic water bottles like the plague. (I'm fighting to change their styrofoam dependency.) I've had many reusable bottles on rotation for my yoga and cardio sessions. I can't even fathom how many bottles I've saved over the years.

Ready to invest in your own Instagrammable accessory? Check out these brands and choose your style. The stainless steel options are food grade and BPA-free.

A reusable bottle or mug isn't just for "green" bloggers or influencers, it should be for all bloggers and Instagrammers. Let's turn single-use style into reusable style. Swap out the plastic for stainless, and share your photos using #ReusableIsInstagrammable!

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