Photo Friday | Cleaning the Bayou Teche

Sending a shoutout today to the TECHE Project, and Bayou Operations Coordinator Dane, for their work this week in removing two large appliances, one chair, and bags of smaller debris from the scenic Bayou Teche.

The Teche runs from St. Landry Parish, through St. Martin and Iberia parishes, and into St. Mary Parish, and serves as an environmental and recreational space for kayakers and boaters. Near Franklin, Louisiana, sits the Bayou Teche National Wildlife Refuge. The Teche is also designated as Louisiana's only National Water Trail and National Paddle Trail.

So it's important to keep it clean, even if it wouldn't be designated as such a special waterway.

Dane went out twice this week to remove a refrigerator and hot water heater from the bayou, and shared the journey on the Bayou Teche Facebook page.

Photo: Bayou Teche Facebook page

The best part is that Dane says, instead of throwing the refrigerator away, he was able to sell it to the Fruit Stand in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana for $5. 

Photo: Bayou Teche Facebook page

According to the TECHE Project's website, they've collected 1.37 tons of trash in the first seven months of this year. These statistics are crazy!
  • 2016: 1.37 tons
    • Automobiles: 2
    • Steel Drums: 10
    • Ice Chests: 13 
    • Home Appliances: 11 
    • Fluorescent Light bulbs: 15 
    • Auto Tires:21 
    • Bicycles: 9 
    • Bags of Misc. Trash: 216

Since 2009, the group has removed a total of 52.75 tons of garbage and debris from Bayou Teche!

It's a dirty job, but thank God SOMEONE is willing to do it.

Our waterways are NOT dumping grounds for the items we don't want anymore. Don't forget, this is illegal dumping

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