Photo Friday | Picking Up What Others Leave Behind

I participated in a group litter cleanup yesterday with the705, on a Lafayette road we embraced through Project Front Yard. Even with a small group, we collected a good amount of trash, mostly consisting of cigarette butts, but also featuring a pair of shoes and parts of a wig. Next to a bar on the street, I came across the jackpot of about 10 beer bottles nearly buried in this straw ground cover.

It took some kicking to knock a few of them loose, but I also perfected my claw machine skills by using the litter grabbers to pick them up and drop them into the trash bag.

While the bar adjacent to this spot has an outdoor patio, patrons still can't take glass bottles off the property, or "to-go". But that didn't stop these people from walking their beer next door and dropping them in this straw covering.

It's a good thing that we do have dedicated volunteers who will pick up stuff like this, but it shouldn't have been left behind in the first place!

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