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I'm all about sharing small steps you can take to be greener, and sometimes it takes a visual reminder to do the green thing.

A lot of times, people are hesitant to recycle because it's not as easy as throwing something away. To that I say...make it easy for yourself! Setting a recycling bin directly next to your trash can makes it just as easy to recycle.

I listened to a Keep America Beautiful webinar this week about college sustainability programs implementing campus recycling. One of the recurring projects was replacing desk trash cans with a recycling bin and accompanying smaller trash bin, to encourage the practice of zero-waste while at work.

I put this same concept to practice at my own desk months back, without needing to purchase a special bin! I simply converted my company-provided trash bin to a recycling bin by adding a Recycling sign, and a note to our cleaning crew to not empty it or place a liner in it. I repurposed a small Christmas treat tin to be my trash can by wrapping it with a sheet of card stock (such effort, I know!) Each week, I empty the bins.

This way, it's easier to recycle something, and I remind myself daily to reduce the amount of trash I create.

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KarinaTexan said...

I thank you for this great idea Mon AMI.

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