A Few Awesome Environmental Women | International Women's Day

Today is International Women's Day, so why not shout out to a few environmentalists I admire!?

Alicia Silverstone

Alicia is known for her vegan lifestyle and blog, The Kind Life. She focuses on organic foods and healthy and sustainable lifestyles, and her blog is friendly and down-to-earth. I love how she even holds contests on her blog, giving away items from her closet - encouraging conversation and activity, and helping clothes go to a good new home!


Sara Gilbert

Sara (aka Darlene!) wrote the The Imperfect Environmentalist, a book I love for its quiet dry humor and simple way of explaining how people can go greener. She also explains how she's made the transition to living a green life for herself, her wife and two children, and how it's benefited them all.


Lauren Singer

Lauren is well-known for her blog and lifestyle, Trash Is For Tossers. She has earned international recognition for her ability to fit an entire year's worth of trash into a mason jar. She's mastered the art of making her own beauty and care products, and shopping using her own reusable containers. If anyone is known for being zero-waste, it's Lauren!


Julie Hancher

Julie runs Green Philly Blog, one of my inspiration sites from when I relaunched my own blog almost four years ago. She's overall awesome and is so dedicated to making Philadelphia a greener city. Earlier this year, she made the switch to being car-free and now uses alternative transportation to get where she needs to go.


Gretchen Vanicor

Gretchen is the head of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette Office of Sustainability, and in a few short years, she has made huge strides in making campus greener. From dedicated bike lanes, to hundred of recycling bins, to game day recycling, to move-in-day garage sales, to bike racks and a brand new bike share program, Gretchen is dedicated to diverting waste and promoting sustainable transportation for students, faculty and the community.


Happy International Women's Day to all of you, and to you readers!

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