Sustaina-Bowl Sunday

So, the Big Game is this Sunday. If you live in Louisiana and are like me, you haven't really been following playoffs this season. Actually, if you're me, you kiiiind of stopped watching around Week 9 of regular season. Sorry.

However, I do love the celebration and hype around the the final game of the season. Side ramble: From my years in advertising, I've learned that you cannot say the name of the game if you don't shell out $$$ to the NFL. I've written many a radio spot dancing around the name. I get it, because it's copyrighted and all, but it almost looks more ridiculous to see "the Big Game" in ads and marketing emails. Like, it's almost going against your brand. Silly? Yes. Am I still going to avoid it even in my peon blog? OF COURSE. I don't have enough money to get sued by the NFL.

So. Broncos vs. Panthers. Who are you rooting for?

While I might secretly be going for the Panthers, what I'm really rooting for is sustainability!

And hey, this year's match-up is held in one of my favorite cities, the hippie treehugging San Francisco!

Photo credit: Susty Party

Sustainable Parties

Whether you are having friends over, chilling at home, or heading out to a bar, you can minimize trash while cheering for your favorite team.

  • Avoid single-use by using regular dinnerware, silverware and drinkware. Go even further with cloth napkins.
  • If you need to use disposable dinnerware, choose eco-friendly, biodegradable and compostable materials instead of styrofoam or plastic. Bagasse and wheat straw are two great plant-based materials, and you can find these in stores. (Try Vitamins Plus or Whole Foods in Lafayette.)
  • Put out a dedicated trash can for recyclable materials, aka beer bottles, beer cans, wine bottles and rinsed queso jars.
  • Use paper towels and napkins made with recycled materials.
  • Don't go out and spend money on single-use decorations!
  • Shop local for your food!
  • If you're going to a friend's, bring your dish in a reusable container, and if you get to bring leftovers home, use the same dish. 
  • Bring drinks in recyclable containers and bring your own drinking glass (you can bring a kanteen or insulated bottle to a daiquiri shop and ask them to fill it!)
  • If the party you're attending doesn't have a recycling bin inside or outside, collect your recyclables and bring them home. 
  • Heading out to the bar? Carpool with your friends or call Uber.

Over in San Francisco...

The SB50 Host Committee has a goal of making the event “Net Positive”. They're focusing on:
  • Reducing impact on climate change
  • Using resources and materials responsibly
  • Inspiring fans to embrace sustainability personally
  • Leaving a positive legacy for the Bay Area

A few examples they'll work toward these goals are: eliminating single-use plastic in Super Bowl City and providing water bottle-filling stations (Check out the photo of the stations! I kind of love them.) One of my favorite eco-brands, Klean Kanteen, is the official sustainability partner of the Host Committee. They're donating 12,000 bottles to help offset those single-use cups.

In addition, San Francisco has many public recycling and composting bins available.

One of the collaborators on the project, the 50 Fund, will encourage fans to decide how $200,000 from the Sustainable Environments Game Changer Grant will be distributed to Bay Area environmental nonprofits. Fans can also pledge to take “Net Positive” actions on-line at the Host Committee website

Photo credit: Klean Kanteen

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