A Local, Organic, Waste-Free, Eco-Friendly Valentine's Day

The Big Game is over and Mardi Gras is tomorrow, but we still have Valentine's Day coming up! Did you forget all about it? I won't tell anyone if you did. And you've still got six days to come up with a gift or date night for your loved one!

Although there's typically pressure to get the biggest bouquet of the brightest flowers, the best gift, or the fanciest reservations, you can celebrate a romantic and special Valentine's Day without the waste.

Need some ideas on an eco-friendly way to celebrate Valentine's Day?


  • Shop at local stores for gifts, or look to locally produced items (especially handmade jewelry).
  • My Christmas gift guide works well for any holiday/birthday! The same principles apply: look for fair-trade, organic, recycles, handmade, reusable, charitable or sustainable items. The list even has suggestions on local stores and brands to check out!
  • For last-minute flowers, check out local florist Root at a pop-up shop inside Genterie this Saturday, February 13, during ArtWalk. Side note: ArtWalk is a great place to find local creative gifts!
  • Instead of flowers in a vase, pick out flowers from the nursery that can be replanted in a pot or in the ground, so they can grow just like your love! (#cheesealert)
  • Make your own gift with salvaged or reclaimed items.
  • Go for an intangible gift by doing something nice and unexpected for your loved one.
  • Look for organic or fair-trade candy and chocolate, so you know it's both healthier and better for the workers in the production facility. (Vitamins Plus has a great selection...just wait until Mardi Gras is over to visit.)
  • Make a card with scrap paper or reused wrapping paper, buy a card made of recycled or tree-free paper, or send a paperless card!


  • Plan a special evening for your person. Save money and cook dinner at home. Choose a local grocery store and find regional ingredients for a special dish. Don't forget your cloth bags! You'll skip the crowded restaurants and show off your culinary skills.
  • Visit your nearest farmer's market to pick up fresh, seasonal produce.
  • Find an organic wine to go with your dinner.
  • Use real dinnerware and napkins instead of disposable.
  • If cooking just isn't your thing and you want to take your person out, pick a local restaurant! It's not like we don't have 10 million amazing local restaurants in and around Lafayette. Call ahead and make reservations if you can.
  • Plan a fun bike ride for the two of you. Get extra creative and bring along a picnic. (Packing your food in reusable containers and bringing cloth napkins, of course!) Or you can just ride to dinner!
  • Go on an adventurous date, or maybe even take a quick weekend getaway.


Want some more ideas? Check out Zero Waste Chef and Zero Waste Nerd!

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Anonymous said...

I love this list! A little bit of a pun intended there ;) It really is full of fantastic ideas though! We have started to gear our gifting to each other towards either things that we need or trips. No waste, no clutter, and hopefully lasting memories.

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