How Can I Reuse Medicine Dose Cups?

If you've got a medicine cabinet, chances are, you've got about a thousand of these little plastic medicine cups. They come with every liquid over the counter medicine you can buy, and they probably multiply when you aren't looking.

Trust me, these are not the only three currently sitting in my medicine bin.

So, instead of letting medicine cups collect and take up space, what can you do to responsibly dispose of them? 

First, cups with a recycling symbol on the bottom can be thrown into your recycling bin for collection. The ones without a symbol may be made of a plastic that cannot be recycled, and would have to be thrown away.

But there are different creative ways to reuse the cups around your house (that aren't completely ridiculous)!

  • Organize tiny items, like beads for jewelry-making, separate pairs of earrings, or even a few push pins, screws or nails.
  • Spray paint or decorate them to hold jewelry near the bathroom or kitchen sinks.
  • Hold dip for snacks (like ranch with carrots).

The Simple Moms gives a few great suggestions, especially for households with children.
  • Measuring cups in the kitchen. They're great for small quantities of liquids when you're cooking.
  • Paint or glue cups. The small size makes it perfect to hold different colors of paint!
  • Tea cups for dolls. Decorate them to make them perfectly dainty.
  • Crayon molds. Perfect for reusing both medicine cups and worn-down or broken crayons. Visit The Simple Moms for the process.

Do you have any ideas for reusing medicine cups?

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