Making a Paperless List and Checking It Twice

It's already the week of Christmas, and although we've attended multiple parties and I've done most of my shopping, it doesn't feel like we're in the final stretch.

Plus, it's somewhat depressing that our most Christmas-like weather happened last Friday and Saturday, and it's forecasted to be 81 and rainy this Friday. Will not make global warming comment, will not make global warming comment...

But we sit each evening by the LED light of our Christmas tree, I am slowly catching up on my Christmas movies, and the cats are helping me wrap gifts.

We're checking off the list of holiday parties, and they've been some of the most fun times yet this month. Whether it's an extra long work lunch, a nice dress kind of party, or a backyard bonfire, I've been enjoying spending time with some of our favorite people.

(PS: That beer? Is pretty amazing.)

I am attempting to sit back and enjoy the season, thought I'm not always successful. There are always a thousand reasons to be stressed out, but that's not what you look back on years from now. The majority of my gifts may not be wrapped yet, but that's okay.

The gift below was for my office gift exchange, and is wrapped in decorative kraft paper and adorned with a burlap bow, from ribbon I had left over from a craft project. I loved that the gift I picked out was in a bag and stuffed with reused tissue paper, newspaper, bubble wrap and plastic bags, and the gift itself was packed in reused cardboard. I saved the tissue paper, gift bag and plastic bags and tossed everything else into the recycling bin.


Milo very much enjoyed helping us put up snowflake lights in the front window, and he made sure all the little lights were twinkling.

He and Dax, however, did not enjoy indulging my plan for them to dress up as Cousin Eddie for an Instagram photo contest! Even when I tried bribing them with their favorite treats.


There are only four more sleeps until Christmas. Let's all take a deep breath and enjoy this week! Put on music while you wrap your gifts, put on your favorite holiday movie for a repeat viewing, or eat a holiday dessert.

I hope it's cold wherever you are, but if you're in south Louisiana, suffering in the rain and humidity, just throw on your finest Christmas t-shirt!

What are you most ready for this week?

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