Holiday Tunes to Kick Off the Season

Oh, the weather outside is...gray and drizzly! Ugh. Happy December 1, alright. It might not feel like the holidays yet outside, but I'm getting there.

One viewing of Christmas Vacation on Thanksgiving evening, a few decorations pulled out of the closet to replace all the autumn color around the house, and a desktop tree at work are all helping to fully transition the mood.

I've still got some work to do in terms of getting a tree for our house, and getting my shopping done. But, all the chores are made more tolerable with the addition of some good holiday music. I didn't even mind my Sunday afternoon cleaning because it was set against a soundtrack of Christmas tunes. Dax, however, did mind my dancing around the house (and the vacuum.)

So whether or not it's a winter wonderland where you live (hello, alliteration!), here's to getting in the holiday spirit with a few cozy photos of Christmases past, and a brand new Eco Cajun Spotify mix, featuring some of my favorite versions of holiday songs!

Make yourself some hot chocolate, put on your slippers and press play!

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