Gearing Up for 2016 | Sustainable Parties and Green Resolutions

This week, my lists have transitioned from gift shopping lists to new year's resolutions and blog planning lists. It's time to jam Matt Nathanson's "Farewell, December" while looking ahead at our fresh starts.

Are you still working on your new year's resolutions? I've got a few ideas for eco-friendly ones you can add!

  • Create less waste in your household or office. Without taking the plunge into going trash-free, you can make a few adjustments to reduce what you throw away regularly. Using cloth towels instead of paper ones, using real coffee mugs instead of styrofoam, and grocery shopping with cloth bags are easy ways to make huge impacts.
  • Shop at your local farmer's market. Fresh, delicious produce, meat and other goods? Yes please!
  • Cut down on driving. Carpool, ride your bike or walk sometimes to give your car a break.
  • Pick up litter. Look around your workplace or places you frequent and pick up litter you find. If you have children, make set plans each month to go out in your community and pick up litter. It's exercise, family time, and good for the environment!
  • Stop littering cigarette butts. If you're not ready to add "quit smoking" to your resolutions, maybe you can at least resolve to be responsible with your butts!
  • Sign up for my email list. Oops, how did this one slip in here? But when you sign up, you'll receive new blog posts directly in your inbox, hot off the press (slash RSS feed)!


If you want a few more ideas, head to The Daily Advertiser to read a few courtesy of Erin with Bayou Vermilion District!

As you gear up to celebrate, remember the environment:
  • Pick up any fireworks remnants instead of littering the ground. 
  • Make your own confetti with shredded scrap or wrapping paper (or even your junk mail!)
  • Recycle those champagne bottles (or beer cans, or sparking grape juice bottles.)
  • Use real glasses instead of disposable ones.
  • Recycle those ever-classy plastic 2016 glasses.
Image: Recycle Scene
And, that's it for 2015! See you back here next year!


Unknown said...

I love how simple and direct your posts are. Thanks for doing your part to save the world!

Caitlin said...

Thank you, Jordan! So happy you stopped by. :)

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