Reuse for Greener Cleaning

Nothing in life is free, but of course there are things you would prefer to spend your money on. I'd bet that cleaning rags are not one of those things.

Fortunately, being eco-friendly about your cleaning rags is one of the easier switches to make.

Instead of buying a pack of cleaning rags probably made from pesticide-laden cotton or synthetic materials, just look around your home. Do you have a stack of white t-shirts that might be threadbare or have yellow pit stains? Hey, I'm not judging! We've all been there at some point. Have some old bath or beach towels that have discolorations on them?

You're looking at your new cleaning rags!

Old t-shirts (and they don't just have to be white, any old t-shirts work) make awesome cleaning rags. They're good for using on wood or glass because they don't scratch and they don't leave a ton of lint behind. Just don't use any part of the shirt that has a screenprint or other decoration.

Take your old towels and cut them up into the size you need. Smaller rags are great for indoor cleaning, and larger ones work well when washing your car. (Sorry for the accidental alliteration in that sentence!)

Another bonus to reusing old items is if you have a messy or greasy spill. Would you really want to dirty your brand-new cleaning rags with outdoor gra-doo? Yeah, I didn't think so. Just be careful throwing those greasy shop rags in the washing machine

So it's a win-win-win. You find a second use for something you were probably getting ready to throw out, you save money on buying new cleaning rags, and you can skip the wastefulness that comes from blowing through a roll of paper towels. REUSE!

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