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You've got at least one in your cleaning supplies, don't you? Pretty much everyone does. The thing that rhymes with...Miffer Meeper.

They're maddeningly convenient, and they get the job done.

They also get rull expensive when you have to keep buying refill boxes, and they're competing with K Cups to see who can be the most wasteful single-use item.

Step away from the single-use fiber sheets and learn about the greener alternatives!

In our home, we have a Swiffer-like duster with a reusable and washable elasticized cloth on the bottom. It's basically towel material, so while it works at pushing dust and cat hair into a pile, it just doesn't PICK IT UP.  Imagine how much I enjoy pushing stuff into a pile with our sweeper, then vacuuming the pile up.

For this purpose, microfiber is your friend. While unfortunately it is a synthetic material, microfiber cleaning cloths trap dirt, pet hair and other floor debris, making them highly effective. They're also washable and reusable. The best part, compared to other cloth rags, is that microfiber doesn't leave lint behind.

One Good Thing by Jillee has a hilariously easy tutorial on using those fuzzy socks on your sweeper, and shows how it achieves the same goal. If you've got some that no longer fit or are your style, use them to clean your floors!

You can even find microfiber cloths that are cut to the same size as the disposable rag and can be used with the sweeper itself (whichever brand you may have). Many brands, such as Libman, have reusable alternatives for the wet/dry mops as well. Buying refills of the cleaning solution can add up and leave more plastic waste behind, so look into making your own solution with vinegar, or using a regular floor cleaner instead of the kind that has to fit in your sweeper.

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Now get to sweeping!

You missed a spot.

No, over there in the corner.

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