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The #Countdownto30 has officially hit 0! Today, I'm celebrating turning 30, as gracefully as I can attempt, and having a great weekend with my boo.

It's been a hell of a ride so far this year, since I created my Countdown to 30 bucket list six months ago. I'm honestly proud of myself for checking as much off my bucket list as I did. And I'm proud of how much ass I've kicked so far this year. I'm finally starting to feel like a grownup with my stuff together. Although there are still more than a few hot mess days that happen.

Goal: Age like a fine wine.

Buy a new car. What WHAT! Starting off my 30s in STYLE. With about a week and a half to spare, I said goodbye to the car I've had since high school and drove home in a pretty sweet Prius. I'm in love, y'all. One of my many favorite features is the trip summary once I park. It's already become an obsession of seeing how many miles per gallon I can get on each trip.

1/2 Travel somewhere new. So I haven't really made it to visiting any new cities in the past six months, but as I was talking to a friend recently, I realized I could look at it as visiting new places within my own city. I've gotten to visit local businesses that are either new or new to me, and it gives me a newfound love for my hometown.

1/2Clean out, donate and start fresh. Well. I've done alright at purging some more clothes and other things, but unfortunately it's all still sitting in a pile in our house. We still haven't gotten to that damn garage sale, but are planning it for this month. My fiance has sold some of the items in other ways, so we are still making progress.

Learn how to sew better. A couple months back, my fiance's stepmom and I had a sewing date (split into two sessions), and she helped me make a beach/pool bag from a repurposed scarf I had. It turned out way better than I expected, and I had a blast learning how to use a sewing machine. I eventually want to invest in one for the house so I can alter clothes that need a better fit.

Bonus ✔ Try aerial yoga. Not long after I wrote about my current yoga obsessions, I learned about a local yoga studio that offers aerial yoga. Sure, I had never heard of it before, but it took about .2 seconds to intrigue me, and I signed up for the intro class. I cannot WAIT to try the full class. It's like you flyin', yeah!

Bonus ✔ Got a ring put on it. Although not really a bucket list item, it is a pretty great accomplishment that happened during the last six months. My mother is proud to report that I am not officially an old maid.

Bonus ✔ Eco Cajun goals. From a full blog redesign to a magazine cover and a weekly interview on 106.3 during Earth Month, it's been a good year so far for this little site.

So I'm feelin' PRET-TY GOOD about the next decade in my life!

As I did last year, I'm giving y'all a lil Eco Cajun birthday Spotify mix. Some of my current song obsessions with some good summer tunes mixed in.

Now, I believe there is a birthday drink or three calling my name! #ByeFelicia

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