Why, It's National Bike to Work Week!

Unless you work from home or don't have to work at all, you probably spend most of your driving time and gas going to and from your office. During National Bike Month, one week is dedicated as Bike to Work Week, in order to bring awareness to using alternative transportation on your daily commute (or at least some of the time!)

If you're able, biking to work is a great alternative to driving. Two years ago, my boyfriend and I were both able to bike to work one day during Bike to Work Week because we each lived between three and five miles from our offices at the time, and we got extra exercise in by riding and meeting up for lunch.

How hard is it to do? Not very!

If you live within a few miles from your office, consider taking your bicycle out for a spin one day this week and leaving the car at home.


  • Check the weather. If you're hardcore, you can handle a little drizzle. If it's storming, don't put yourself in danger. Plus, you probably shouldn't show up to work looking like a wet dog. If it's going to be hot and sunny, plan your outfit to accommodate.
  • Plan your route. Google Maps has a bike transit option in their directions, or you can use MapMyRide to create a bike-friendly, safe route from your home to work. You'll probably deviate a bit from your road commute, but it'll give you some variety in the morning. You can also estimate the time it'll take to ride using one of the map features.
  • Check in on your bike. It's important to make sure everything on your bike is in proper working order, and get it tuned up if not. And make sure your tires are inflated!
  • Pack your supplies. You'll need a few different things than you normally do. Start with a helmet, because rush hour is an extra scary time to be out on the road. If you don't have a basket or pannier bag on your bike, find a good backpack to keep all your stuff for work. If you leave early in the morning or head home later in the evening, make sure you have proper working lights. Stash an extra pair of shoes, your deodorant, or anything you may need to freshen up once you arrive.
  • Plan your outfit accordingly. Unless you're able to show up to work in bike shorts and sneakers, you'll need to find a movable work-appropriate outfit. Pencil skirts can be too restricting for ladies, and black pants and a button down may be covered in sweat at the end of a ride. Stretchier material is more forgiving during rides. Wear short sleeves or a sleeveless top and bring a jacket or sweater in your bag.
  • Remember your rights and laws. Travel smart and follow the rules of the road. Bicyclists have rights, but you also have a responsibility, and everyone needs to share the road.
  • Figure out your parking situation. Can you leave your bike outside during the day, or will you need to bring it inside? How easy will it be to bring inside? Figure out in advance where you'll be able to safely store your bike for the day. And don't forget your bike lock and key!

Check out the Eco Cajun Guide to Bicycle Commuting to Work posted last year!

Do you plan to commute by bike this week?


Julie said...

Wait - WHAT?!? When did your site get the makeover?!? It's BEAUTIFUL! :-)

And love the bike month posts. In Philly, we have a few bike lanes so I recommend taking those when possible.

Yay! Keep up all the great posts. :-)

Caitlin said...

Haha thanks! I launched the new look at the beginning of Earth Month. :)

Bike lanes are the best option, and it's so great when cities add them for cyclists!

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