Memorial Day

Today is not about sales, the beach or three-day weekends. At least, it should not be.

"Happy Memorial Day" seems like such a weird thing to say when we're remembering the American soldiers who have died while fighting for our freedom. I recently listened to a former Navy Seal speak on some of his experiences and the type of work did, and the things he talked about really put it into perspective for me. Having to be on top of your game, both physically and mentally, because everything is life or death, and not knowing whether you are seeing your loved ones for the last time as you go off on another mission? The danger and the unknown that soldiers face every day is not something I could even fathom. I mean, really. I work a desk job and write a blog on eco-friendly living. My days are stupid easy compared to what soldiers face while deployed. But I know that my easy life is possible because of the sacrifices of our soldiers. And that's not something I - or any of us - should ever take for granted. Without them, there wouldn't be silly Memorial Day sales or Bubba Kegs on the beach for a long weekend.

Whether you are working or not, take a moment today to thank everyone who sacrificed their lives for our freedom. Somewhere, those fallen soldiers leave behind their own families and children, and Memorial Day means something truly different to those families.

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