Re Re, Cycle Cycle!

It's the Cajun Heartland State Fair! GO GO! FUN FUN!

Are you singing the song in your head yet? You're welcome!

The Cajun Heartland State Fair, held annually at the CAJUNDOME around Memorial Day, is a popular family event. I remember going every year to celebrate the end of the school year, ride some rides, and get an awful sunburn or two. Once I got older, the fair turned into the place to hang out to watch local and visiting bands. It was especially fun when the last day of the fair would coincide with my birthday!

It's also traditionally a very messy event. But the 27th annual Cajun Heartland State Fair has got something new up its sleeves. Thanks to the efforts of the CAJUNDOME, Project Front Yard, Coca-Cola and Republic Services, recycling will be available throughout the fair grounds!

You'll have no excuse to litter your drink cans or bottles! Simply toss them into the clearly marked recycling bins, do your part to keep the fair clean and green, and show others that you care. Remember to only throw aluminum cans and plastic bottles in the recycling bins. Food, styrofoam, napkins and other items belong in the trash bins, which are also conveniently located all over the fair grounds.

No matter what your trash is, it does not belong on the ground! Don't be lazy and expect someone to clean up behind you.

In addition to recycling availability, fair organizers are working with Republic Services to provide recycling for fair staff during setup and tear-down.

“We find that majority of the trash comes from the fair move in and move out, so having Republic Services provide recycling services during these peak times will help decrease the amount of landfill waste the fair creates,” says Heidi Champagne, Marketing Director for the CAJUNDOME.

Check out the Cajun Heartland State Fair when it opens to the public this Thursday, May 21, until Sunday, May 31.

For event times and daily ride specials, visit the Cajun Heartland State Fair website. You can get advance discounted tickets through May 22 at 5:00 at participating area Shop-Rite locations! Advance wristbands are also on sale now at the CAJUNDOME Box Office.

If you head out to this year's Cajun Heartland State Fair, do your part to make it the cleanest one yet! Recycle your bottles and cans and don't litter anything!

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