Happy Earth Day!


How have you been doing on your Earth Month pledges? I've shown y'all a few new ways to be a little greener, and I've been sharing photos on Instagram. Posting new pictures each day is certainly one way to reinforce the idea of daily little green moment!

I've got on my favorite Dirty Coast shirt and I am ready to celebrate! No styrofoam, no unnecessary trash, and recycling everything that isn't reusable. And, chances are, you can find me neurotically picking up litter I cross paths with. I just can't help it!

Have you been keeping up with the EPA's daily Act on Climate tips? Are there any you already practice, or ones that you'd like to start doing? These are easy ways to make a difference in your household and car! Read more about each on the Act on Climate EPA page.

  • Change five lights
  • Choose WaterSense
  • Recycle
  • Drive smart
  • Caulk entrances
  • Take the Energy Star pledge
  • Power down
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Take a shower
  • eCycle
  • Maintain your car
  • Think life cycle
  • Use smart thermostats
  • Fill your dishwasher
  • Fix a leak
  • Check tire pressure
  • Reduce food waste
  • Clean outside air conditioner area
  • Save energy at home
  • Reuse
  • Spread the word
  • Turn off the tap
  • Compost
  • Give your car a break
  • Insulate water heater
  • Change air conditioner unit filters
  • Plug into power strips
  • Try the Energy Star online home advisor
  • Wash efficiently

This year, I decided to make you guys a little Earth Day present, because I love y'all just that much, and I now present to you the Eco Cajun Earth Day Spotify mix! 30 songs, spanning 2 hours. From nature imagery to environmental messages, I think this mix covers the spectrum pretty well.

Hope you enjoy the mix, and I hope this Earth Day treats you well!

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