a Festival 2014 recap

Festival is over, Downtown Lafayette is returning to its normal self, and my feet don't hurt so much now (but my legs are a different story). So how was the weekend? Here's a Festival recap by the numbers!

16: Bands we saw, some twice
18.18: Miles walked during Festival
25ish: Miles biked to and from Festival
23ish: Hours outside all weekend
6: Bottles or cups saved by using my Klean Kanteen
1: Times I reused the plastic cup I did get
5: Pieces of litter I picked up, that weren't actually mine
75: Number of recycling bins put out on Friday after a protest from passionate Festival-goers to bring recycling back

How Eco-friendly?

  • Used Klean Kanteen to hold ice-cold margarita (mmm!)
  • Picked up pieces of litter as we crossed paths (and I could've picked up much more)
  • Used a cloth napkin and real silverware
  • Rode our bikes to and from Festival every day
  • Didn't litter, and used recycling bins
  • Packed necessities to avoid having to purchase more
  • Used the same (ratty) schedule all weekend instead of picking up fresh copies
  • Didn't bother using electricity to fix my hair, letting it go natural instead (only way to go, really)

Being Greener Next Year
  • Make a recycled hat from an empty case of beer
  • Figure out a way to avoid styrofoam plates and bowls from food vendors
  • And decline all plastic utensils
  • Use the Kanteen for all drinks, not just some
  • Pick up more litter and recycle it (it's such a compulsion!)
  • Volunteer for recycling team again

What was your favorite part of Festival?

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