earth month 2014

With each April 22 being known as Earth Day, in recent years, the whole month of April has taken on the air of Earth Month. With spring taking over for most of the country, everyone is warming up and thawing out, so what better time to appreciate the earth than now? Open the windows and let some fresh air breeze through your home. Enjoy the plants that are starting to grow and bloom. Go for a bike ride. Clean up litter in your neighborhood or apartment complex. 

I may be a couple days behind, but I like to use Earth Month as a way to choose one green action to focus on. This month, I'll share with y'all more simple ways to be greener (including a great one inspired by a goal my boyfriend came up with), and I'll be posting daily photos over on Instagram.

April 1: Garden blooms! 

April 2: Garden bloom FAIL.

April 3: A newspaper delivery gone awry within an hour. All picked up and recycled by me!

The EPA is using Earth Month to share a daily tip to help you act on climate. Check out the list at their website, and sign up to receive the tips emailed to you.

The Earth Day Network recently started a two-year campaign for Green Cities, focusing on the three key elements of buildings, energy and transportation. Spanning Earth Day 2014 and 2015, the campaign will work with an international team of partners, including local organizers, nonprofits, businesses and governments to help increase public awareness, mobilize support for appropriate policies, and generate concrete commitments for innovative and replicable initiatives.

So, happy Earth Month to all of you! Let's make this one a great one! What kind of pledge are you going to make for Earth Day and Earth Month? How would you act to make your own city a little greener? 

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