welcome, 2014!


Don't you just love the smell of something shiny and new? It's a brand new year! I'm still a sucker and still make new year's resolutions, and for some reason I still share them with people. Just don't come fuss me at the end of the year when I've failed to achieve most of these.

  • Write more on eco cajun.
  • Start a compost system.
  • Start an herb/vegetable garden.
  • Buy a hybrid car. (It hilariously did not happen this year. I hilariously thought it would be possible.)
  • With my boyfriend, learn to cook more family recipes.
  • Learn to let it go. (One of my biggest challenges all the time.)
  • Be more adventurous and see my hometown and region from a new perspective.
  • Truly enjoy my last full year in my 20s.
What are your resolutions for this year?

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