christmas recycling

I always dread the beginning of January because it means the Christmas decorations must come down. Just when the tree is starting to get fragrant again!

Luckily, most Christmas decorations can be put away and reused for years. For the more disposable decorations, see how you can recycle before you throw away.

Save your favorite holiday cards and frame them for decorations in later years, instead of throwing cards away.

If you're getting rid of your Christmas lights, you have a few options. If they work, donate them to a school, church or nonprofit. If they don't work, I believe you can still take them to Lowe's or Home Depot at the beginning of next Christmas season and trade them in for a discount on new lights.

And for that natural Christmas tree? Don't throw it away! If you have a fireplace or outdoor fire pit, save your tree and chop it up for firewood. Should you have a grinder, you could make mulch for your yard. My boyfriend and I have been collecting neighborhood trees that will go up to his family's camp and be sunk for fish habitats. If you leave it on the curb, send it off to a good home. Some cities, including Lafayette back in the day, take trees to drop in the swamps to help with erosion, or to combat weeds. These days, Lafayette picks up trees with the yard waste collection. All residents can bring their trees to the compost facility in north Lafayette for free. But no matter what you do, make sure you take everything off the tree first!! Don't accidentally throw out Baby's First Ornament in your desire to recycle.

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