louisiana arbor day

While the national Arbor Day is held in April (the 25th this year), some states have their own Arbor Days that follow their best planting times. Since Louisiana's optimum tree planting season ends in March, Louisiana's Arbor Day is held each year on the third Friday in January. So happy Louisiana Arbor Day! (And happy Florida Arbor Day if that's where you are. All you other states will have to wait until at least next month for your special Arbor Day.)

Arbor Day was started in Nebraska in 1872, and is focused on planting and caring for trees. The Arbor Day Foundation is an organization that oversees Arbor Day activities and provides information on tree planting for anyone interested.

So what's going on in Louisiana today and this weekend to celebrate Arbor Day?

Whether or not you participate in a city-wide Arbor Day event, or you plant a single tree in your own yard, you'll be making a difference in your local nature!

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