weekly simple eco tip, 3.6

Now that you have been skipping disposable coffee cups for a month, let's go one step further.

See all those little sugar/sugar alternative packets? And all those little stirrers?

Yeah, skip 'em.

So much waste in our lives comes from products packaged for convenience. Yes, it's easier to use a packet of Splenda and a plastic stirrer, but that is just extra waste going to a landfill. Using a box or bag of sweetener and a spoon achieves the same outcome, but with much less waste. 

Think about this: If you buy a box of sugar packets, not only must you throw away the box, you must also throw away the wrapper for every packet. Compare that to buying a bag of sugar. You throw away a bag. That's it.

The waste may be small, but it's still adding to your footprint.

If you make coffee yourself, the adjustment is very simple. If you regularly get coffee on the go, it will be a little harder. Think about the best way to change. If you pick up a coffee on the way to work, keep a spoon and box of sweetener at your desk and tell the barista you will pass on the disposables. If you pick up coffee and keep moving, decide if you want to commit to keeping supplies in your car. It's not the best solution, but it's something worth thinking about.

And let's face it, having less trash is very sweet!

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