weekly simple eco tip, 3.20

With Earth Hour coming up this Saturday evening, this week's simple eco tip will follow in its spirit. The basic premise of the Earth Hour movement is to turn off all nonessential lights and electricity for one hour. (Come back on Friday for more Earth Hour fun and links!)

But why stop at one hour? Incorporate the meaning into your every day life!

When you're not in a room, turn off the lights or other utilities, such as a TV or fan. Use electricity only when you really need it. And don't leave your air conditioner or heater running nonstop when you aren't home! If you don't have a programmable thermostat, make it habit to turn it in the right direction when you leave in the morning.

Not only will conservation help you save on your electricity bill, it will also help curb overuse. It's especially important in the summertime, when the heat and ensuing energy demand causes strain on resources. Cut down on electricity use easily by conserving energy when you are not in a particular area to enjoy its benefits.

Make Earth Hour feel like any ol' hour to you!

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