weekly simple eco tip, 3.27

One of my favorite Easter traditions growing up was dyeing Easter eggs. Getting the perfect shades, and then getting fancy with tie-dye and wax crayons and stickers... oh, I did it all.

This year, whether you're a giant child like me, or you have children of your own, consider using natural dyes for Easter eggs, instead of packaged artificial dyes. You'll still need white vinegar, but you'll use different foods and/or flowers to get the different colors. 

For example, beet juice dyes eggs a beautiful shade of pink. Blueberries can be used to get blue eggs.

Better Homes and Gardens has a list of what to use and how to achieve each color, and Huffington Post offers their choices, such as paprika for orange eggs.

And after you've dyed the eggs, make dinner with the foods themselves! Win win.

If you decide to go the natural way, take pictures and Tweet me @ecocajun! I'm planning to dye a few eggs this weekend and will document my own process as well.

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