weekly simple eco tip, 11.28

Life is messy, and we spend a lot of time cleaning things up. But why should we contribute to the amount of trash in landfills in our quest to clean up messes?

Your simple eco tip for this week is to simply use less paper towels and more cloth towels.

Image: Gold Notes

By stocking up on a good supply of cloth dish rags and towels, you can help reduce your amount of waste, and you can always have a clean supply on hand while others are dirty.

Some tips on using cloth towels include only washing towels when actually dirty, and washing towels in a full load instead of a light load. You can go further by washing in colder water with eco-friendly detergent, and line-drying if possible.

Mother Nature Network compares different paper towel and cloth towel options in order of least green to most green. But if you aren't one to focus on whether you're picking up recycled paper towels or conventional paper towels, remember to just use no paper towels. Go with reusable! It'll help save you money and help you cut down on your waste.

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