weekly simple eco tip 11.14

Seriously, November 14 already?

So, this week's simple eco tip may be simple to me, what with my non-children-and-pet-having and living alone-ness independence, but I'll throw it out there anyway.

Bundle your errands into one trip.

By doing all your errands at once, instead doing all of them separately, you save gas (and time). You'll save on all those trips to and from your house between each stop. Or, figure out if you can combine errands. Need stamps and groceries? See if the grocery store sells stamps before you trek to the post office, then you can take care of two tasks at once.

And instead of driving all over town in a lovely Spirograph pattern, take a few moments before you leave to run your errands and figure out an efficient route of your errand stops. This way, you can make one circle before heading back home.

I am fully aware that there are forces in life that will prevent you from doing anything logical, and opposing schedules can affect that nice, easy errand route. But sometimes you can make outside forces work with your schedule, and you'll be able to get your tasks done in a more efficient manner, saving your gas!

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