startups and ideas [link friday, 11.16]

Something big is always born from something small. This week I've come across a few articles and links about startups and tech innovations that focus on making workplaces and cities greener.

  • wrote about JouleBug, an app for iPhones that functions similar to Foursquare. Except, instead of checking in at places, you check in for green actions that you take, and you can earn points for them. The app tracks dollar savings for each green action you check in to, so you can get a concrete sense of how your actions can save you or your company money. 
  • The City of Raleigh, NC, is an early adopter of JouleBug, and have a page dedicated to the initiative on their website. The app was developed in Raleigh as well.
  • I'm very late to this one, but SXSW held an Eco conference at the beginning of October in Austin. They had a Startup Showcase where entrepreneurs could present their ideas, and the winner of the showcase was PlanetReuse. 
  • PlanetReuse helps facilitate building material reuse nationwide and is launching PlanetReuse Marketplace to provide technology and services to bring connection, convenience, and awareness to the reuse industry, ultimately making it as easy to shop online for reclaimed building materials as it is to shop for new materials.
  • And Bloomberg Philanthropies is hosting a Mayors Challenge. The top 20 finalists were recently revealed. Quick shoutout to Lafayette, LA for being one of the finalists for their Level Up, Lafayette!, a community-wide initiative to play multiple games, generate epic wins and increase quality of life for all residents – even those who aren't playing.
  • Two of the other finalists in the Mayors Challenge are Houston, TX and Knoxville, TN. Houston's idea is a one-bin-for-all concept, where partnerships with the waste companies would allow residents to throw all waste into one bin, and the companies would sort it between trash, recycling and compost. Knoxville's idea is to encompass the entire urban food cycle by connecting land, farming jobs, processing facilities, food transit, sale, and composting. Part of their idea is to transform vacant lots around town to food production areas.
So many great ideas from so many passionate people. 

Have a wonderfully green weekend, and settle in before the wild ride known as the Holiday Season begins!

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