weekly simple eco tip, 10.17

I've written before about how to reduce your junk mail, but as always, there will be some that makes its way to you. And that junk mail should very easily make its way to your recycling bin.

But, you should still be careful with what you put in your recycling bin. So this week's tip is part of me looking out for your safety (because I love you all!)

Be sure to rip off your mailing address before you recycle junk mail.

I started doing this with my own recycling, because of the nature of our recycling company. Since I live in an apartment and don't get recycling pickup, I take my haul to the dump myself. The dropoff location is basically a u-shape of recycling bins, and the materials are always overflowing, so it's basically a free-for-all. Lots of opportunity for a mailing address to be floating around. Maybe your recycling dump is the same way; maybe it's not. But it can't hurt to take a small step to protect yourself while doing good for the planet.


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